About the iEd Hub

About the iEd Hub

The iEd Hub is an educational consortium featuring the Cork region’s universities, enterprise stakeholders and leading industries in the Health and Life Sciences sector. We co-design with Cork universities and will deliver a suite of new postgraduate and undergraduate programmes to produce a new generation of graduates for the Health and Life Sciences industry sector, including young indigenous and mature multinational companies. iEd education is holistic, featuring both technical and non-technical skill sets, with students spreading their time between industry sites and academic campuses. The iEd graduates are embedded with the skills and values needed to forge the future in the Irish Industry.

The iEd Hub is funded by €8.7 million awarded under the Government’s Human Capital Initiative Programme (HCI), designed to meet priority skills needs and deliver innovative approaches to education for enterprises across Ireland’s economy.

Our Members

Our Members

  • Professor Helen Whelton

    Head of College of Medicine and
    Health, UCC
    Lead of iEd Hub Project

  • Professor Mark Tangney

    Head of iEd Hub, UCC
    Co-Lead of iEd Hub Project

  • Professor Ger Kelly

    Vice Head of iEd Hub, MTU

  • Dr Evin Allen

    Lecturer in Industrial Pharmacy 

  • Dr Claire O’Brien

    Lecturer in Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering 

  • Dr Kieran Delaney

    Dr Kieran Delaney

    Lecturer in Digital Manufacturing

  • Dr Lauren Bari

    Lecturer in Management and Marketing

  • Dr Fiona Edwards Murphy

    Lecturer in Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Dr David Healy

    Lecturer in Biopharma Engineering / Manufacturing

  • Dr Isaac Alshaikh

    Dr Isaac Alshaikh

    Lecturer in Management and Marketing

  • Project Development Coordinator (Industry Liaison Officer)

  • Lecturer in Clinical Anatomy

  • Brian Dillon

    Industry Liaison Officer

  • Lecturer in Translational Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • Alexander V. Zhdanov

    Technical Officer

  • Agnes Looney

    Work Placement Coordinator

  • Dr Michael Kilkelly

    Student Placement Coordinator

  • Dr Anna Scanlan

    Instructional Designer

  • Lynn O’Keeffe

    Instructional Designer

  • Dr Rhiannon Carey Bates

    Senior Programme Coordinator

  • Ruth Fox

    Ruth Fox

    Teaching and Learning Technologist

  • Szemira Madani

    Senior Executive Assistant

Need more information?

please contact us at the following email:


Need more information?

please contact us at the following email: