Digital Academy

Digital Academy

The Digital Academy leads in developing iEd online modules and soft-skills training for students within the Health and Life Sciences Sector. Through working with the UCC’ Application of Science to Simulation Education Research & Training’ (ASSERT) Centre and the UCC Centre for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL), the Digital Academy aims to develop our educational platforms through a combination of e-learning approaches.  

Pedagogical and Technical Approaches

We are working with CIRTL in UCC to strengthen further our approach to addressing the pedagogical questions relating to extended reality in teaching and learning. The iEd Hub’s keystone learning applications and methodologies include Simulation-Based Learning (SBL), Virtual Reality (VR), Immersive VR Space, Gamification and E-learning that supports and sustains learning. 


Gamification is reinforced by sound pedagogical principles, designed for education and training, and supported by gaming techniques and entertainment. Through creating real-life applications of gamification, we intend to produce agile and flexible graduates equipped for the workforce.  

Simulation Based Learning

SBL is a practice of simulating real life events with guided experiences, often immersive that interactively evoke or replicate substantial aspects of the natural world. Simulation-based learning is flexible in design and application and will be employed in iEd courses to enhance one’s learning capability 

Immersive Suite


Through the iEd Hubs’ use of immersive suite, our students will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a task or setting as they would if it were the real world. The iEd Hub can design and implement on-the-job experiences. As a result, learning retention can be increased dramatically by delivering simulation in teams through this shared learning experience.