The Life Sciences sector is constantly evolving. One of the main ways organisations stay competitive is by investing in talented people. At iEd, our goal is to make sure our partners have a highly skilled workforce now and in the future, enabling them to continually adapt to external forces and change. How do we achieve this? By collaborating with enterprise to create and provide education that enhances their capabilities to grow and succeed in their industry.

Why iEd?

At iEd, collaboration is key. It’s more than just cooperation; it’s about pooling resources, expertise, and perspectives. By working together, we can leverage our collective strength and accelerate progress in ways that individual organisations cannot achieve on their own.

For organisations, working with us will open doors to shared knowledge, reduced costs through resource pooling, and an expanded network of like-minded partners. It’s a strategic move that enhances capabilities and competitiveness. From research initiatives to education collaborations, the possibilities are endless.

Hear what our partners have to say

In my experience as HR Manager for the past 15 years (and Production Support Team Leader for 5 years) of a multinational biopharma company, there is an ever-increasing need for highly skilled graduates of this type in the sector. In particular, graduates with the ability to work in cross-functional, multidisciplinary groups are in high demand, with the ability to work across different functions (operations, technical, quality, supply chain) seen as an invaluable asset.

In addition, the value of giving fresh graduates a fundamental understanding of the industry and its specific requirements in terms of regulations, quality, and safety cannot be understated. The day-to-day workings of a biopharma plant and associated support departments, require staff to understand supply chains, operations, management, and the process specific to our industry to ensure medicines get to the patient. Having a baseline understanding of these diverse topics can take years to acquire without prior training.

Tony Daly PhD, HR Manager, Pfizer, Ringaskiddy, Cork

At Janssen, we highly value experiential learning and prior industrial experience and were delighted to hear that the MSc in Industrial Pharmaceutical Sciences, Operations, and Management will provide students with an extended industrial placement. This will further employability and allow students to develop essential general skills such as collaboration, teamwork, and communication which are highly sought after in the jobs market.

In conclusion, Janssen is highly supportive of any efforts to develop such a programme that will develop a graduate with the above skill sets.

Claire Daly, Training Manager, Janssen Sciences Ireland UC, Ringaskiddy, Cork

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